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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Excited Over That?

I'm standing at my laptop, jumping up and down, stupidly excited this evening!  WHY?  Take a look:

These are the ceilings only a crafter/hobbyist/home improvement guru could love.

What are you looking at, you might ask?  What is that horrible mess (and that smell)?  That's ugly, right?!  Well, my dear friends, this is stage 1 complete of our POPCORN REMOVAL!  Woop woop!  Be glad right now that they have not yet perfected smell-o-vision through the internet.  These are 30 year old ceilings, that are wet, and dank right now.  EW.

This is only a sneak peak, because I want to do a full post after I get the rest done.

Stay tuned!
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