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Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving

Now that the weekend is officially over (*tear*), I felt energized, and excited to start the new week, all because of the great progress from the weekend.  Plus, it's now OFFICIALLY Christmas Season, didn't you hear the gunshot when you put your last turkey-stuffed fork down?!

For my own record keeping, here's the list of events from the last 4 days:

  1. Wake up at 7:30, get ready to go, stop at store to buy drinks and flowers
  2. Breakfast at Mom's house- eggs benedict, and hanging with the family (my side)
  3. Back to the store to buy more flowers, gather the dogs up, head out again
  4. Real Thanksgiving Dinner around 2:30, home around 5
  5. Off to Michael's for some doorbuster shopping with an extra 25% off coupon from 5p-9p
  6. Awake, organizing, and starting to put out Christmas decor till 12...
Friday, Black Friday
  1. Sleep in, while Z gets up at 4 to try to get a new laptop at Bestbuy (fail, btw)
  2. Head out around 11- try to get to Joanne's & Michael's by 12 to use the coupons.  (fail, btw)
  3. End up at Dollar Store, Starbucks, and thrifting
  4. 1:00 pedicure appointment with the little sister, then home to craft our faux boxwood star pendents (project to be shown soon).
  5. Sushi for dinner with Z, because what else says "Christmas" than sushi?
  6. Awake, organizing, and starting to put out Christmas decor till 12...
Saturday, Regular Weekend Days
  1. Sleep in, till about 9:00 (thank you Lexi for not whining/crying!)
  2. TV for a bit, cereal for breakfast. 
  3. Out the door by 11.  Off to Staples (office 2007), Ace (more plastic for the popcorn removal), Office Depot (fail, btw) and Best Buy (fail, btw)
  4. Home and prepping dining room and hallway for popcorn removal.  Prepped by 3:45, and removal commenced.  Daylight runs out, some light left, and Z comes to help!
  5. Pull all plastic down, vaccuum, shower in the hall bath for the first time ever in our new house (it's been a year and a half...)
  6. Dinner of Champions, with dessert
  7. Blog, hang out, look at my marvelous smooth (albeit messy, wet appearing, and dank smelling) ceiling
  8. Sleep by 12
Sunday, Time to relax?
  1. Sleep in again, till around 9 (sweet!) cereal for breakfast, prep room for Christmas Tree
  2. Borrow family's SUV, stop at one Tree lot (Find tree) head home!
  3. Tree up, lighted, decorated by 3:00 (yes, I work fast, because I love it!)
  4. Decorate the rest of the house, including my silver fireplace mantle (that I'll show later)
  5. Fat Dinner of Pizza & Wine with Z's family, home by 8
  6. More Christmas Decor, magazine reading, and blogging
  7. Bed by 9.  Magazines for a bit.  Sleep by 9:45.
Whew.  Just typing it all out makes me tired!  I think I run on some different sort of fuel on the weekends- when it's my time, and I have things to do!

Monday has become just as busy, and there are things to do-

I'll get back to posting some projects, features, and decor ideas soon.

Was your weekend as crazy as mine?  Crazier?  I actually think this weekend could have been a lot more insane!  Happy Holidays everyone, and an early Merry Christmas (the first of many wishes of this, I'm sure.)
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