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Saturday, November 28, 2009

HTML Code Flashback

So did you notice it?  Yep.  I dabble in Website design.  *crickets*

Ok, just kidding.

Did you notice the change to the layout of my little world here at Design_Aholic?  Welp- I now have 3 columns, instead of just two!  Yay- more room for buttons, widgets, lists, and customization!

I had to search for "3 columns in blog" in google search, after the link that Cathe posted over at "Just Something I made" was unable to be found.

I used two tutorials over at "Three Column Blogger"

1.  First, how to actually make the third column for my minima template
2.  Second, setting margins between columns, and column widths

Both worked fabulously, and now I'm excited to get onto the customization.  Damn Blogger- I'm staying up 2+ hours past my normal bedtime now just to read and play around with postings.

Good luck if you need/want to do this to your blog too!
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