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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Painted Furniture- destination post

As I was on the flight to Denver this morning, I started going through many of the craft room, decor, and craft project ideas to give them keywords to easily find them later.  In the midst of this, I saw a common theme with my pictures- Painted Furniture!  Love the use of color to add a noticeable pop, and also the way dark, very black furniture looks.

So, in order to test out my new keyword searchy here on my lil mac-booky... I give you some of my favorite pieces of painted furniture.  I've collected them since 2006 (yikes, one of the pictures I'm posting was "last modified" in 2006?!)


I love these rustic looking chairs, and their placement at the stairs.

Oh how I love chocolate brown paint and sturdy white furniture!  (why don't I have any of this in my house???)

This bathroom is so tranquil- I actually have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom almost identical to this one.  I love that there's no mirror.

Isn't this a beauty?  Check out one of my favorite blogs, "Painting the Roses White" for more info.  Thanks Rebecca!

Oh, and check out Life In The Fun Lane, where Holly paints everything a shade of slight off white:


This green Pottery Barn dining set makes me so happy!  It's sitting in an otherwise bland room, yet really looks all pulled together with the great pop of color!

(this is probably the main inspiration for my first painted furniture piece.  Check that buffet out here)

This small table really catches my eye in the great cheery color, even though the table isn't really my style.

This grid pattern of multicolored squares really livens up a room.  How cute for a nursery or place space...  Notice the little painted tables and chairs.

Cool blue, what else can I say?  I think you're my favorite color right now...


How fantastic red is- so easy to dress up and down!  Accessorize with fruits, and you're good to go!

Doesn't red just make you think of Christmas?  I think I would like some hot chocolate, umkaythanks.


ooooh, blue, I lurve you...


And just to say neener neener to tradition, look at this classic piece in a great modern color- lime/yellow!



Look at that smooth finish... ahh.  brings joy to my heart.  Check out the Just-A-Girl blog to see this post, and the rest of Chris's projects!

Black is timeless.  These chairs below fit perfectly in the overwhelming ecclectic room.

And, the coveted Pedestal table.  I'll have you as a one nightstand some day!

What do you think about painted furniture?  Have any pieces to share?

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