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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sewing with a tube: Table Runner

I'm not handy with a sewing machine.  Actually, I'm even less than handy... I've never used one.  Tear.  I do want to learn, and I have a mother that sews, knits, and could make a blanket out of pine cones (read: she's amazing when it comes to that stuff)...

So when I found this table runner at Living with Lindsay, I decided I wanted one!  I was lucky to find 54" fabric on sale for $6 a yard, and then 50% off at Joann's Fabrics, so I scooped up 2 yards.  The goal was to make a very similar runner, but with my crafty touch.  My tabletop measured 66" in length, and I wanted an 8" overhang.   (Don't you love the color on her walls?!  Gorgeous!)

The only modifications I made were to make the corners pointed, because I want to add a monogram to the ends later.  And, since I didn't get enough length of fabric to not have seams (I knew this when purchasing) I had to account for the 3 pieces I'd need to make the proper length.  My main, center piece measures 38" L x 13" W.  The two end pieces, from seam to point, measure 22" L x 13" wide each- FINISHED.  Remember, you need to account for the fold-over, of at least 1" on all sides, so add that to each measured piece, and that's the size to cut your fabric for a similar size table.

My Version:

Here's how I did it:

First steps: measure a store bought runner for width.  mine was 13" wide finished, so I added 2" to each side because I wasn't sure how well the Fabric Tac glue was going to hold (Note: it holds really, really well.  AND, 24 hours after drying, it can be washed.  SCORE.)

I didn't even iron the fabric.  Really!  And, even more rudimentary?  I used a metal tape meausre, like a contractor-I'm-building-a-house tape measure to cut.  Wow, good thing my mom didn't watch me make this!  :)

I cut the edges off to true up the rectangles I cut, and to remove the frayed edges from the fabric when it was on the roll.  (check out the texture on the fabric!)

I pinned, the edges up so that the width would be 13", then ironed them down.  I took the runner back to the dining room table, (my current craft area), and *gasp* tried my hand at "sewing with a tube."  It worked!  I added glue right at the ironed edge, and pressed together.


Next with the two smaller ends, that I'd use as the remainder of the table length, and the hang over length, I measured the same as for the middle main peice, and ironed, and glued the edges.


After those were dry (ok, lets be real, I didn't wait for the glue to dry, and no one would ever have known if I didn't tell you!  I'm impatient.  Get used to it...) I pinned the corners right to the center, and pinned down.  I didn't even iron!  I glued one flap down, then the next side.  Times two.

Once both end peices had their points, I matched up the flat edges to the middle main piece, and did iron these edges again, to ensure it laid flat on the table.  I pinned.  I glued.  I did the happy dance!

I let it dry for 24 hours minutes and then cleaned up and flipped over!  I love it!  Only problem?  I didn't cut enough length so that it hangs over enough for monogramming the ends, but it may have turned out for the better.  At this length, whoever sits at the end of the table won't have to worry about the runner encroaching on their bubble.

Don't you like it?  I do realize a sewing machine would have made this a super easy project, but a bottle of glue worked just fine.  :)

Fabric $6  (I didn't even use it all, but we'll call it $6.  I've got leftovers for covering some frame mats... a project coming up soon.)
Glue: $0 (already had...)

Inexpensive, and I love it!

Check out my current tablescape here, where there are more photos.

Good luck, and if you try this, let me know!  I'm looking for ideas on how to finish this project off with a monogram, embellishments, or, or...?
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