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Friday, November 27, 2009

The FINALLY Wreath

Have you ever seen something in a store, that you think you just have to have, but it looks so simple to make?  I'm pretty crafty (duh) and felt I may have been the only one in the world without one of these yet:

After seeing a few posts in blogworld lately on how to construct one, I promptly knew what I would do with the stacks and stacks of red & silver ornaments I had been picking up while thrifting over the last month in anticipation for the season :)

First, I tried it the way I saw it over at Thrifty Decor Chick and at Chris's place, Just a girl.

(I have to say, this wreath may be in my future for Easter...  I don't even want to think THAT far ahead yet!)

But that was a big, fat FAIL for me.  Even Eddie Ross did it, but I couldn't?

Boo.  I felt the crafting spirit drain from my body.  THEN, I realized I had two 10" foam wreaths that I could use.  Done.  And the crafting spirit was back, baby!

Here's what YOU need to make this in my version, and how I did it:

(I made two wreaths, so I used twice this material)

Foam wreath, 10"
Red Spray Paint, Cardinal Red
~48 ball ornaments of various sizes (for each wreath)
Glue Gun
Ribbon (to hang)


I sprayed the foam wreaths with cardinal red spray paint, because when working with round objects, you'll never be able to cover the entire surface properly (learned this while making this project).  So, in order to blend in, I painted the wreath the color of the majority of the ornaments.

After taking Chris's advice, I glue the tops on all of my ornaments prior to beginning.  In reality for my version (glued to the foam wreath) I probably didn't need to, but when someone like Chris or Eddie tell you to do it, you do it.  :)

I just started gluing the largest ornaments on first, then started filling in with smaller ones, working in sections so that it looked full.  Its supposed to look random, yet still circular.


I added a small ribbon and hid it under the ornaments, so that later I could use it to hang with if need be.


That's it!  Super easy project, but a bit tedious to make the ornaments fit in the sections the right way- sort of like a puzzle.  Add a ribbon, hang, and again, admire your work!


And, here's the aftermath of the boxes, and boxes of ornaments I used to complete these two wreaths :)

 I added my wreaths to flank the sides of the front room windows.  With the tree tomorrow, they'll add a nice pop of color to the blue walls.


2 Foam Wreaths, $2 ($1/ea at Dollar Store)
Ornaments, $16
Spray Paint, already had

$18 for two wreaths :) and a big smile on my face

Have you done this project???  Any suggestions to the readers for those that have yet to create it?
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