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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cookies

We had great fun at our Christmas Cookie Party this year!  2nd annual was definitely way more prepped than 1st annual, but that's how it goes.  Can I just tell you I'm already excited for the 3rd annual?!

Our family hasn't really been a "holiday cookie" family.  So, last year when I decided to throw the  cookie party, I had to go online to find recipes.  I didn't want just plan sugar cookies, or chocolate chip.  I settled on the recipes below, and made them again this year.  I found you should check it out if you need some inspiration!

I hope you enjoy this picture tour of their creation!

Crispy Peanut Butter Balls






Then, cover balls in chocolate melted earlier.  For some reason, this tends to be the most difficult part for me.  I end up using my finger, but they're no where near as pretty as they could be...

I added holiday decorators from a Crate & Barrel set I bought post holidays

Butterscotch Oatmeal bars





(This deserved TWO photos!  I love this hand mixer!  It has a a base for chopping (think food processor), and an attachment for MILKSHAKES!  My Fav...)





And, here we are after baking!  Cut into small-ish squares because they're really rich!  And, I received the best compliment this morning when Z said he liked these better than my mom's fabulous toffee (which he loves as well...) so he must love them a lot!  SHH, we just won't tell her that yet...

If you need to make some rich desserts, these are for you!

What are your favorite Christmas Cookie recipes?  Do you bake for gifts, pleasure, family, or something else?  What's your favorite part of cooking during the holidays?
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