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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Pillows

I have to admit that with all the catalogs of great Holiday decor out there, I feel like I could change my whole decor scheme everyday and still not have gone through all the things I love!  There are so many cute, glam, inspirational, and traditional decor throw pillows out there, here are some that I'm loving, and some that I'm sure I could make!

 (detail- it's just felt!  I could do that!)

(DIY Candidate)
(Oh, and by the way, there's a whole series for the holiday in this pattern- stockings, tree skirts, etc.  so cute!)

Who hasn't posted these sentiment pillows from Pottery Barn?  So classic and simple, while elegant at the same time.  I love the Love pillow with the little pocket!

(DIY candidate)
There's a great tutorial on My Backyard Eden that I'll be referring to :)

O Christmas Tree!  Small felt half circles are rounded off, and glued on to this doll of a pillow:

(DIY candidate!)
 From Michael's Handmade Contest, #740 (if you haven't checked this list out yet, you should- tons of neat ideas!)

Silvery Goodness, over at CountryLiving:

(DIY candidate)

Garnet Hill Penguin & Red Mistletoe:

 Pottery Barn's past season metallic word pillows

(DIY candidate)

Gorgeous Silver sequin toss pillow

(any idea how I could make one of these?)

What's your favorite holiday pillow?  Have you made some that hold a special place in your house?  Do share!  :)
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