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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Serious Debate!

Yes, I'm still looking for the "just right" fabric.  See, I seem to have a problem deciding if I want the room to be mellow and neutral, or pop with bright accent colors.  Oh, and did I tell you about the fabric store I found today?  Have you been in a home fabric store where the HIGHEST price fabric (and there were at least a 1,000) was $9.99???

I couldn't decide.  I clammed up!  I lost all sense of design ability and came sulking home.  I did manage to buy some high density foam though, to make the comfy base for the soon to be ottoman.

So, after doing a quick search online related to decorating with "blue", here are some photos that really inspire me:

This is the best representation of our walls, and what our floors will look like.  We even have a leaning shelf (in white though)

Even though the ceiling is blue and the walls are white, I like the contrast.  And, the ottoman is blue too!

I love the linen/tan fabric with the blue here.  This makes me think I should do I linen/tan fabric for the ottoman...

Now here's a statement.  I thought Orange would look great with the blue.  I really love this modern combination.  I could totally pull this off!

Blue and white seem to be perfect partners.  So crisp.  This is not "my" blue, but it still is inspiring.

The green art here really makes the blue pop.  I was thinking an apple green velvet on the ottoman would be crisp and modern!

So, it's official.  Blue walls, with white, and red furniture doesn't have to look like the 4th of July!  (I'll have to remember that :)  )

They all seem to be neutral.  I was looking for the ottoman to be a statement piece in the room, but perhaps that will have to occur through accessories.

Thoughts?  I just think that too many choices made me a coward today.  Weird, huh?  Anyone else have that problem?!  :)

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