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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thrift Scores, Volume 2

Over the last month, month and a half, I've picked up some awesome finds at the local thrift stores I've perused...  This is the second of what will inevitably be a series of these posts. 

Here they are, with a snippet of what I hope to do with them, and the price.  Ahhh, a new world has been opened up to me.  I can't wait to go again this weekend!

Wine Plates, set of 4, $3

I just loved the detailing and the color on these plates.  They even had their storage box.  So pretty, and perfect for California's wine country, which is close by :)


Basket, $1

I loved the greyish color of this super sturdy basket.  I envision using it in a buffet set up with forks, napkins, etc... or, putting a plastic liner in it and using it to plant in.  Not sure yet, but for now it's sitting on my white bookcase shelving.  The color matches so well with the finial orb (posted below!)

Floor/underbed baskets, $3.75/ea

These are really sturdy, large baskets, that I envisioned would fit perfectly under the bed (I'm talking like 24" long, and 7" tall).  Maybe with a ribbon?  I think they'd look a bit classier in some dark brown paint... which I happened to purchase when it was on sale a few weeks ago.  Shocker!  I think these may be Ikea baskets?  Anyone recognize them?

Carved floor cabinet, $15

A coworker and I mosey-ed on over to the large Salvation Army in the next town over from our office one day.  I found this cute floor cabinet, and happened to have my 25% off furniture coupon with me... I was able to carry this down the street and to my car.  How perfect!  I'm thinking this one will need to be painted a cheery color- yellow?  red?  Blue?  hmmm...  (sorry for the cruddy photo... I couldn't rearrange the garage to get a better shot.  I was lazy.  Shocker!)

Champagne colored beaded garland, $1

I saw a great project where someone covered a paper mache Reindeer... Then I saw this bag, and of course figured I could do one too.  Probably not this year, but who knows next year!

Glass cups (using them for tealights or votives...), $1/ea (purchased 5)

I purchased these because the shape perfectly lent itself to holding candles, and they were clean lined.  I figure I can try to do some glass crafts with these, at a minimum.  For now, they're displayed with my tablescape of Christmas Trees.

Glass goblet, $1

The shape of this "goblet" perfectly mimiced the glasses above, and I figured I could use it to test out glass etching, or even glitter glue designs, or a monogram...  Not sure yet, but right now, it's cheerily filled with snow, and a tealight... and across the room from the glass candle holders I purchased to go together.  I guess that's how it goes sometimes!

Mini hurricanes and candles, set of 4, $1

How good would these look mounted up on a crystal/glass candlestick?!  

Brass candlesticks, $1.25/ea

I love the weight of these candlesticks.  I'm hoping a can find a place that the brass isn't too obnoxious, otherwise they'll get a nice coat of paint down the line.  Who knows at this point, but I thought they were worth it.  :) 

Seashell object, $1.25

I love the size of this guy!  I found him on a 50% off day at Salvation army.  Being the great off white color, similar to much of my decor, this beauty will fit perfectly during the summer!

Library Swivel Chair, $5.99.  Yes, five dollars, and ninety nine cents.

I wanted the chair that Pottery Barn features, but I cannot spend $399 for a chair at this stage in life.  Why would you need to if you were brave enough to use some elbow grease, and turn this into exactly what you want?!  I plan to remove the wicker, and add slats similar to the version they sell at PB.  I even found a chair pad for the chair on CLEARANCE (my favorite word!) at, well, Pottery Barn!  Yep, $12.99+free shipping for a red ticking stripe chair pad, specifically designed for this style chair.  Done, and Done!


Blue etched bowl, $3

I love the scalloped detail on the edge in this one, and the color is so cheery.  This is going to be a perfect Summer piece, I just know it!  I even considered using heavy duty glue to attach a crystal candlestick to the bottom to make it a raised serving bowl for a party... I think it's too pretty, but we'll see.  :)

Milk glass goblet & Vase, $1.99/ea.

Even though purchased at two different stores, these two pieces have the same awesome scalloped detail at the top.  Both pieces also have detailing in the body: the goblet had concave diamond pattern, while the vase has convex (raised) detail...  I love the little details!  Can't wait till the spring to set these babies out!  :)


Mirrored hurricanes with candles, $3

Aren't these so sparkly?!  I have a silver display on my fireplace mantle that I figure I'd work these into in some way... 

Orb finial, $1.99

I just love the color and detail on this object.  I could see it painted white when I purchased it, but now that it's next to the other vintage looking vase, I sort of like the color :)  And, do you notice it's place of distinction next to my grandmother's present to me?! 


Linked Thrift Scores from posted projects:
  1. Tinsel garlands, to make these Christmas trees
  2. All the ornaments (except the silver ones) to make this wreath (times 2!)
  3. Large format picture frame, from this revamp project 
  4. Beautiful Buffet, that I did back this summer
Oh, yea, and did I mention that everything on this post came to a grand total of $55.21 (not counting my $12.99 chair pad from Pottery Barn...)  Now that's a THRIFT SCORE!

I have to really make a shout out to Kate over @ Centsational Girl for opening up the world of thrifting to me.  It's an adventure- you never know what you'll find, so it's important to keep your eye out and be able to do some forward thinking.  The majority of my "finds" will be revamped down the line... but because I look for things that have great lines, I have no worry that I'll be able to find them a permanent home one day.  (you don't even want to see my garage right now with all my thrift scores, christmas decor boxes, and pending projects.  :)

Do you thrift?  Is it something you haven't thought of, or have a group of friends you go with?  What was your favorite thrift score?!
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