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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's gonna be a, White Kitchen...

We have nice, Honey/Blond Alder Wood, shaker style w/beadboard Kitchen cabinets.


Why so many descriptive words there?  Because I'm afraid all of those reasons are why I may get a look of complete disbelief when I suggest that I'd rather our cabinets be white than the honey/blond color they are now.  You've got to admit, it's just a lah-hot of wood in there.  They're the exact shape of cabinet I've wanted from the first day I envisioned buying a house.  I even said "I love these cabinets, but mine would be white" when we toured the house for the first time with our Realtor.

How amazing would they look with our purple granite counters, and the grey or slate floor I want to put in (after the dark hardwood goes in the rest of the house to replace the dog stained carpet. ew.)?

Here are some photos of inspiration kitchens

notice the dark counters, and the dark floor

Stainless steel appliances...

Oh How I love those drawer pulls

This is what they would look like!

isn't the mix of material here fabulous?

doesn't this just look clean, and really pop?  (the lime green is a hit too!)

And another "sort of" shot of what the after could look like, of course, sans gold/brass.

SO... Now the questions:

- Do I paint all the shelves too?
- Do I paint all the pull out drawers too?
- Do I paint all the undersides of the upper cabinets?

And, also, perhaps this project should wait until the full removal of the popcorn ceilings, laying of the wood floors, addition of the baseboards, and replacement of the carpet?  A girl needs a list though, right!
P.S.: Did the post title get you singing that song?  :)  It's gonna be a White, Christmas?  That one always gets stuck in my head!
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