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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Crayon Crayons

128 crayons= 36 crayons?

Don't worry, my math isn't failing me.  I made these:



I bought 3 boxes of 64 crayons each (I peeled two boxes worth and have one in the wings for next time.  That netted 36 molded crayons) $3
I bought the cookie mold at Michael's with a 40% off coupon=  $6.60


I peeled 128 crayons of all colors tonight, and followed the instructions over @ Living With Lindsay.

Pre-heat oven to 350*.  

Place broken pieces by color group in tins, so they fill just about the shape of the design.


Bake for ~8 min

A few things I noted:

-Regular generic cooking spray (with canola oil) works better than Pam.  Pam is greasy, and thick, and some crayons came out oily on top (easily wipeable with a paper towel however)

-The smaller the crayon pieces are, the easier they melt.  I'd say breaking a crayon into 4-5 pieces is about the perfect size.

-Careful when you pull them out of the oven!  They're liquid, and slosh around.

-Watch the oven with them in there.  Even though nothing was burning, they "smoked."  (they do kinda look psychedelic... hehe)

-Wait for them to solidify (when you shake the pan, they don't wiggle) then put them in the freezer.  They'll pull away nicely from the edges, and you can just use your nail a knife to pop them out.

-Be careful setting your cold pan down on the counter!  I had a casualty *tear* but luckily only one.

-Wrap in baggies, and watch the smiles abound!  Is it bad that I wish I had some of these?  I hope the kiddies at the cookie party understand the heartache amount of time it took to create these.  Oh, who are we kidding.  I just hope they don't eat them.  :)

Aren't the colors great?  And, that last photo is a sneak peak at one of my other 10 million projects I did today.  More on that later... Probably no posts during the "day" Saturday as I get to spend the day partying- first far away, then for our cookie party.  YAY!

Can't wait to make these again!
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