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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DIY Candles & Containers

This year, after being bitten by the craft bug this blog thing has caused, I wanted to try my hand at a craft that could be a good gift for the holidays or any time.

Lucky me, to have seen a post that Kate did over @ Centsational Girl.   I tried my hand at something I would consider less crafty and more DIY... I doubt I'd do this again, but I thought I'd share since I did like how they turned out.

First, I gathered the materials I needed:

-Glass Containers (each one was no more than $0.50)
-Frosted Glass Spray Paint (this brand was $9.99 at Michaels, but the Rustoleum brand is much cheaper at Joann's- about $4.99)
-Letter Stickers (I liked this font, but get a sticker that can bend with the roundness of your container.  These were a bit too stiff.)
-Microwaveable Soy Wax ($13 w/40% off coupon), wicks ($2.99 for 12), and colorant/scent (if desired)

I purchased as many glass containers that matched as I could at the 50% sales at the local thrift store.  I tried to get them all about the same size.  I cleaned them all by hand, and then put the letter of the name I was giving them as a gift for.

Then, I used the frosted glass spray paint, and sprayed right over the lettering.  Since I was doing this a day before it rained, and around 10pm at night, they didn't dry.  Yes, I was totally impatient.  AGAIN.  Don't be shocked, this is a normal occurance.  And, of course, the impatience messed up my project.  Grrr.  (Can I quit my day job so I could do my projects during the day hours?  umkaythanks.)



After I brought the glass inside to dry faster (see above paragraph about my impatience), I started to mix up the soy wax as they mentioned on the package.  I made all different colors, and tried to add scent. (I purchased Lavender, since I was giving these to coworkers, and it's a calming scent, cause God knows we need it.  ugh!)



I used chop sticks to hold the wicks up while they dried.  They all cracked at the end drying point, and I assumed it's because they cooled too quickly on the granite.  Had I read the instructions thoroughly though, I would have read about the fact that you make a well in the wax as it starts to cool.  Oh well.



The best part about this project?  Packaging them up to bring as gifts!  I love that since the colors were not traditional christmas, that they'll be able to be used throughout the year.  :)

Again, candles are cheap enough that I probably wouldn't do these again.  I prefer decorating, and more hands on craft projects.  But hey, I've got the experience under my belt now.  And, I have another post now that shows the not-so-rosey side of crafting.  I'm not perfect, and not every project can turn out perfect.  :)

Anyone have a project that went horribly wrong?!

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