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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Boxwood Star Wreaths

Back to a crafty post!

This year I've been really inspired by all of the great blog postings on thrifty decor, and do-it-yourself crafts, etc, etc, that I have been trying my best to follow suit!

When I saw this great post over at Living with Lindsay, I thought I had to find a way to make that myself!  But what would the application be?  We can't do a letter like Lindsay, since we have different last names still (engaged nearly a year now...?).  And I know I wanted to make them Christmas-sy, so I settled on stars!

There really are so many neat boxwood wreaths out there, and maybe some of these as well will insight some creativity:

Square Wreaths:

(better homes & gardens)






Wreaths for your candles:


And even, a Christmas Tree!


We have a great green tin star that has sat on probably 4 different walls since we've moved in, and I've been happy with it everywhere.  I figured these holiday stars could only add holiday cheer to a shape I clearly love!

So, Friday, after my pedicure with my sister (Hi Mo!) we ran to the dollar store and gathered the necessities that Lindsay listed.  I had purchased the foam board the night before at the Michael's sale.  I, like Lindsay (monkey see, monkey do?), purchased the 15' garlands from the dollar store.  I used a total of 5, and have about 2 feet left.  That's all.  Really.  Well, ok, count in a pair of scissors, wire cutters, and a box cutter (a sharp one!), if you want to get technical.

Here's how to get started:

Gather Foam core board, and cut to desired shape.  In my case, I wanted three different size stars.  We made the inside of the middle one be the outside of the smallest one, and the outside of the middle one, be the inside of the largest one.  (did you follow that?)  So, they're all semi proportional in size.  :)

(there's my sister again!)

The foam cutting was messy.  First we drew with the sharpie right on the white foam board (if was going to be covered, so you wouldn't see it.  Then, I used a clearly not sharp box cutter, and had an unintended, but fitting consequence: SNOW.  come to think of it, I should have saved it and garnished my stars with it :)

To add the garland to the shapes, we wrapped the points first by cutting 12-15" sections of garland off the main piece, and then wrapped.  Because the garland is wired in the middle, I didn't even need the glue gun.
(doesn't this one just remind you of a polynesian dancer?!)

After the points were wrapped, we started in on the arms... each one individually, and filled in with smaller garland sections of 6-8".  They needed major trimming!  I followed Lindsay's advice, and grabbed a garbage can to cut over, but I also ended up with the green shag rug.  (SO, lesson learned.  Get a garbage can/bag BIGGER than the shape you're cutting, and cut as much of it IN the can as possible.  Don't say I didn't warn you.)


(after trimming.  Oh, there WAS a star in in there!)

Then, tie a contrasting ribbon around your shape, and hang!  These stars are sitting temporarily on the one blank wall.  But, due to popcorn ceiling abatement, they haven't found their permanent home yet.  So, while there's no context to their whereabouts in these photos, at least you can see the finished product.  :)

Have you ever seen or made anything neat-o with faux garland, or even other items from the dollar store?  I love my Ballard inspired stars, at a much easier price.  :)  They do sort of look plain though at the moment.  Any ideas to help me spruce them up?

Thanks for helping me knock off a knock off, Lindsay!
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