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Monday, December 28, 2009

Packin' up for the Holidays

I asked my mom, weeks before Christmas even hit, if it was "sick" that I was also looking forward to putting everything away, and organizing it for the next year.  That unconditional love said, "No!" with enthusiasm.  The problem I had last year?  By mid January I certainly felt it was time to pack Christmas up until next year... But, the holiday sales (ie, percentages off) were only getting hotter! So, I was accumulating Christmas Decor through the end of January.  (great of course for me this year, when I got to use all those awesome things I purchased!)

Either way, I enjoy organizing (type A, did you call it?!) and putting away just as much as the decorating puzzle (very scientific...)

So, what did I get to organize myself this year?  I figure it's finally time to step away slowly and put your hands behind your back move away from those old boxes we used to move stuff to our new house in, and upgrade to easily identifiable totes in the great Holiday Colors.  :)  So, in my shopping adventures yesterday, I found these containers:

(These are 18/gal Sterilite containers.  I got 3 of these for $4/ea at Targay)

...and one of these, also at Targay for $5 (so much better that the versions that lay on the floor.)

So, I have to admit that even though Christmas is my favorite holiday, and is only 2 days past, I'm ancy to pack up, and refresh for the upcoming Spring.  In fact, we've already started weeding out, and organizing.  I took Kate's advice on her recent post about how to tackle it.  PLUS, I'm working off the new "set a timer, get a lot done" philosophy.   (Set a timer, for 15-30 minutes, and challenge yourself to work fast, and get as much done as possible.  It really works!)

So, soon I'll be saying goodnight to our Christmas decor, and getting the house ready for the spring.  I've got a whole boatload of projects on tap...  Just a few are: Living room re-do, white winter wreath, and Yellow Flower topiaries.

Luckily, I've noticed that others have my "sickness" about packing up for the season.

Thrifty Decor Chick: Packin up Christmas
Centsational Girl: Five days to a Fresh Start

See, I'm not alone  :)

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