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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Presents & our gift to ourselves

I thought I would update my "wists" (see left frame, towards the middle) and remove some of the great items I had on there, that I  received as Christmas Presents!

First off, I know this is white.  And yes, I have a brown dog that seems to leave his "paint" wherever he lies.  And yes, he climbs up and sleeps on the bed at night.  But, I couldn't help it.  I've wanted this West Elm duvet since the day I saw it!  Is it bad that I'm anticipating my wedding dress being similar to this?!  I guess Gunner is going to have to take more baths (his favorite!  not.) or stay off the bed, all in the name of this:

(now I just need those White Euro Shams... Can you say, Helloooo Giftcard?! and, did you notice that the stock photo is pictured on a headboard very similar to the nailhead trim version I made a few months back?!  *squeal!* I guess it was meant to be!)

Then, there's this:  I love the traditional and throwback style of the Hourglass.  In fact, I first saw a white sand version at Pottery Barn, but came across this great green sand one offered from CB2.  I LOVE this one, and can't wait to display it!  Plus, now I see these cropping up everywhere- even at Kohls... (They had blue and red sand versions of the same shape.)

(this will look great in our office with the new white furniture!)

And of course, now that the clean up bug is striking us, we're about to order this set from JC Penny as our Christmas Present to our sanity our selves, and because we're just that cool to want furniture as a gift:

Yes, it's strikingly similar to the Bedford Collection from Pottery Barn.  Right down to the chairs even (and speaking of chairs, remember when I posted about my thrift scores, where I got the $5.99 chair like the one below?  Looks like I'm painting it white!).

The difference?  Oh, the 6 pieces we're getting from JC Penny is coming to just over $700, while the same pieces at PB would be well over $2k.  Oh, and slightly different handles :)

Anywho, many more decor and craft projects to post soon, I just wanted to do some housecleaning.  Look for the upcoming posts on my living room transformation with the material I just bought, some organizational posts, and of course, some crafty posts too, just to round things out.

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