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Monday, December 7, 2009

Prepping a Party- Cookie Style!

As I get ready for our rip-roarin' 2nd annual Holiday Cookie Party, I wanted to share with you the list of tasks ahead of me in preparation (and we'll do a check in about how many actually get done!)

  • Prepare the FOOD!!!
    • Spinach Lasagna (we've got some vegetarians coming...)
    • Meatballs a la Crock Pot
    • Kettle Corn
    • Cheese Slices + Crackers
    • Olives/pickles 
  •  Make Party Favors
      • I'm thinking cookie cutters with cute ribbons and tags- handmade of course? 
    • Make a table runner (I have had the red fabric for a month and a half?
      • Prep Cookie Baggies for take home
        • Clear baggies with colored tissue paper inside
        • Ribbon
      • Make cookies
        • Peanut Butter crispy balls
        • Butterscotch Oatmeal bars
        • Sugar cookies for the kids to decorate???
      • Make drinks
        • Cider
        • Hot Buttered Rum
        • MILK!  (I don't have to make that, but what's a cookie party without it!)
      • Make labels for cookie names
      • Add lights to the house
        • I added garland to the door last night, that just may have to do!
      • Add lights to back patio
        • red or white lights around the deck posts (they look like candy canes)
      • Give Dogs a bath (stinky!)
      • Prep House
        • Vacuum
        • Clean Bathrooms
        • [paint hallway ceiling] (popcorn removal!)
       Whew!  Good thing I have this list now!  Oh, and did I mention that I'll be gone all day Saturday at a party 2 hours away, and won't be home till about an hour before the party starts at 7.  oy vey.

      Are you hosting a holiday party this year?  What are your traditions?!  Do you have a favorite activity you like to present at your parties?  Do tell!
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