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Friday, February 12, 2010

Candy Cane Hearts

I made hearts today out of candy canes.

Let's back up.  I was cleaning the house, and dusting my shelves (as I get ready to revamp the decor on it after the dilemma party!) and found the silver compote from the holidays, and it was still filled with candy canes.  Yes, holiday candy canes.  What a waste, I thought at first... as I took them out of the compote, a few fell on the counter in a familiar shape, and the light bulb went on!

Why not turn these into cute hearts for a final Valentine's Day Project!

Super duper easy, and I figure someone else has already done this, but I'm reveling in the fact that I thought it up today...

I was able to make 13 hearts!  Just a dab of hotglue on each end of one of the candycanes.  Then, just sit the other candy on top in the cute heart shape.  :)





Then, place them around the house, and tie some with a pretty ribbon and give to your coworkers!  (or valentine's at school?!)

(yep!  That's part of the new decor from the designs dilemma post... stay tuned for more)



So, happy early Valentine's day everyone!  I hope you have a day full of love that day and moving forward :)
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