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Friday, February 5, 2010

VOTW #6: Happy Birthday to Me!

Yea!  Really!

Happy birthday to me!  28 years ago today, the sun opened up after a long rainstorm, and I was born, bringing sunshine into the world.  HA!  Anyway, a very similar story today- we had a break in the weather in CA, and the sky was sunny.

My victories of the week, are summed up in these great things:

1.  Hearing about my birthday present from Z early, and learning that we're sitting middle orchestra for the theatrical production of WICKED on March 13th!  I've wanted to see this show for some time now, and lucky he works in San Francisco- he was able to get prime tickets.  Can't wait!

2.  One of my best friends has a birthday 5 days after mine, so we often celebrate together at functions each year.  This year, we celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory, and our two other sly friends slipped them our names, and we were served with our desserts on plates with our names written in chocolate!

(yes, that is my friend's present behind my plate- a book of Dirty Japanese.  Let me tell you, hilarious- but very, very dirty.  Man we had fun :)  My present of course was something house related, and just as fun for me!)

3.  As much as the office can drag you down, this morning I walked into this!  How hysterically funny- and it was perfect after a really cruddy day yesterday.  Since I'm the manager, I took everything down tonight and taped it to everyone else's chairs.  They'll have a surprise on Monday!

My real office is where that window above the cubes are.  I hope to get to go back there soon.  Sigh.  What a long 8 weeks of ups and downs.

4.  Cute floral arrangements make me feel like a little girl!  (In a good way, of course!)  Coming home in the dark is no fun, but coming home to a small box with a cute floral arrangement is!  My sister (who's in her last year at UCSB) is a sweetheart.

How cute is that?!  A carnation cupcake floral arrangement?!  Holy moly!  :)

Anywho, those are the small little things that made my week so far!  Now, it's off to another fattening brithday dinner with Z at Chili's- my request because I love love love their milkshakes and the buffalo chicken salad.

What were your victories this week?!  You have all been so creative, I'm sure there are tons :)

By the way, I'll keep this MckLinky open longer than Sunday since I'm getting it up late on Friday.  It'll be open through midnight on 2/8/10.  Remember to grab  the button for your page!


Just a question- do you think this party would be better held on a Sunday, and say open with the MckLinky through the middle of the week instead?  Let me know.  I'm open to suggestions :)

Oh, and remember, when we get to 200 followers (which is just a stones throw at this point) we'll do another crafty giveaway!!!

Happy Weekend, and Happy Birthday to me!  :)

PS:  Did you love all the posts this week?  There are more coming too, duh!  The weekend is officially here, which means it's project central at this casa.  You'll be happy you came back.  Here's a recap from this week so far:

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ENJOY!  :)
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