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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wait! Don't throw that frame away

Recently, one of the picture frames came toppling off my gallery ledge wall.  It was the weirdest thing- I was thinking:  Hey, I should post about that ledge, and clean it too... from the other room.  Then, not 2 seconds later, we heard a crash.  Yep.  Weirdest thing- one of the frames fell off the ledge, and broke into about 6 pieces.  Luckily, the glass did not shatter.

Now, since this frame is used vertically, the height is a necssary component of my display.  Z thought it was to be thrown away, but at the last second asked.  Of course I said no!

Enter: E-6000 glue.

I took survey of the pieces, and decided one afternoon to piece it back together the best I could.  It was a clean break for the most part, but one shard of the wood frame did splinter.

First, I dabbed some E-6000 glue into the spot where the shard of wood should have fit in the frame.  I pressed it down, and moved it so that it was in line with the main part of the frame.  Then, since the main frame had also broke cleanly into two pieces, I glued each end and pressed the whole thing together.  Once everything was lined up, I let it dry standing up vertically in the window.  (No significance, just an easy spot :)  )



That's it really.  (Oh, and a few spritzes of Windex, because, good god that thing was dir-tay).  And, let me tell you- that glue works wonders.  I've yet to post about my glass projects from the holidays, but the E-6000 glue even bonds glass to glass.  (I made some hurricanes, cake stands, and some other diddies...)

So, I'm glad we didn't trash this frame.  I just need to take a brown marker to some of the exposed wood spots that I can see.  When it's up in the display though, you can't even tell, so more than likely I won't be grabbing that brown pen.  :)

From This:


To This:

...and added back to my gallery display wall.

Oh how bare it looked without this photo collage frame for a day or two.  So glad to have you back, dear frame!

And yes, I'm a dork.
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