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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Quick Jute Project, from Portugal!

As I gear up to post another boatload of projects, I wanted to share a quick one similar to my $5 IKEA upgrade:

I found this small ceramic cache pot type thingie, made of terracotta at the local thrift this past weekend.  It was marked $2, but it was half off day, so I paid $1.  It was stamped on the bottom "Made in Portugal"



I liked the shape, and even thought once I did something with it, that it would look great as part of the shelf display I posted about yesterday.

So, again, with this project (like with the vase)- not a lot of effort, but totally awesome results!  I just love the texture of this stuff- $5/roll at Michael's, and with a 40% coupon, it's just $3.  :) 

The supplies again:
Glue Gun
Object to cover

Yep, that's it.

I started from the bottom, and actually turned the pot over until about halfway covered.  Turned it back over, and worked up the remaining half, and up the small neck of the pot.  I only glued every 3rd row or so, but more around the neck of the bottle.



I thought for a minute that I'd leave part of the terracotta showing, with the jute only wrapped at the bottom, but decided against that, and decided to continue covering the whole thing.



For now, it's sitting on the top shelf of my leaning shelf, next to my reed diffuser and the ceramic plate from Spain that my Nana gave me.

If you haven't tried this technique yet, you totally should.  Here's the IKEA vase I did a few weeks back.  You can find the link to the project here:

More NEW projects coming soon, but enjoy the ease of this one until then!  :)
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