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Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Hundred Terrifics!

So, this post comes WAY before I figured it would...

Yep, tonight, Design-Aholic reached 200 Followers!

And, you can all pat yourselves on the back for making that happen.  Really, without sounding like I'm accepting a Grammy or an Oscar, I really want to thank each of you.  It's fun to challenge myself to try new things, and find something to post about each day.  If I look back in my short blogging history, I've only really posted for 2 solid months. 

So, grab a button, and show your love!

(code is on the left side bar)

As I said we would, Design-Aholic is going to host another giveaway.  But, since you all joined up so quickly, my giveaway project isn't done yet!  YIKES!
Here's a teaser, Can you guess what might be part of the giveaway?  I'm not going to tell you- You'll just have to sweat until I can post it.  :)

(These were my thrift scores from this past weekend.  Total of $10.  Score!)

Who knows, it could also be this:

I highly suggest you come back over the next few days to find out, and enter for your chance to win.

Again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all my Fabulous Followers.  I'll get the giveaway up soon for everyone.  YOU deserve it :)

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