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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whilst Shopping, the images...

Whoever invented the camera phone should be given a pat on the back.  I had a "totally business" Blackberry (with NO camera) for 2 LOOOONG years, and when we got iPhones this past November finally, I've enjoyed having a camera again!

Because you can be inspired anywhere, I snap pictures constantly.  As I was walking at Target today, I realized I have nearly 150 photos on my little iPhone.

Here are some of the photos I've gathered Whilst Shopping (hence the title!) and I hope that some of these inspire some of you as well.  Enjoy!


Ok, I want this storage cube as a side table, asap.  It appears to be really solidly made, but is still $99.99.  I found it online at Target HERE for you.  :)  I'm going to watch for this one to go on sale, I like it that much.

This pillow is white, but the lighting in Tar-jay doesn't condone fantastic iPhone shots.  I love the strips that mimic ruffles, and because I'm dangerous with a sewing machine now, I totally thought I could make this!

And doesn't this little stool remind you of something?!  Yes!  I'm not crazy to have a zebra ottoman!  This little stool was $49.99, not bad, but my $15 table, and $6 yard of fabric will be cheaper.  :)  You can find it online HERE.

This looks simple enough to make.  A thin square pillow, with a black button through it, and a black ribbon ruffle border?  Yep.  For $24.99 though?  Probably cheaper to make it!

Thanks Target!


I love this fretwork mirror.  The silver/champagne color, and the detail.  I think this one was $39 or $49.  Ultimately, it really inspired my painting I created in black and white.

This is a kids size Louis XVI chair for $39.  White?  Yes!  Pink Pleather?  Yes!  How stylish for a little coutour girl.  Makes me want to change up my Louis XVI chair!

This canister was nearly 18" tall, and I loved the color, but didn't have a place for it.  It was on clearance though, my favorite spot in the store!  :)

The green metalic glass, and oil rubbed bronze coloring on this peice caught my eye and made me walk back and take a photo.  I think it was $16.99 but I'll wait for it to go on clearance in the hopes I can find a spot for it by then.

Remember my love of the fleur de lis lately?  Like in this small stencil project?  Isn't this table neat?  I've been seeing stenciled tables online lately, which I'm sure could be made to mimic this photo, for less that $79.99.

How fun are these chests!  They had yellow, blue, and green stripe versions.  I'm totally on the lookout for some pieces to do this treatment to now.  I think these were $129.99 each.  

And onto a few Easter decor items.  I loved this egg tree, that sort of mimics a topiary.  The colors are so country, but I love the softness of them.  The eggs are speckled, so find a tutorial out there in blogland (there are plenty!) and make this tree (then make sure you share it with me!).  The $19.99 price was actually pretty good for this one I think.

Then there was this cool egg, that's a takeoff on the technique I used for this wreath.  The paper is stiff, and the "petals" are attached in big sections, like the size of a wooden pencil eraser.  I liked the idea of the craft, and just need to put it to use at some point.

So I love this color so much, I'm considering it for the master bedroom!  This plate set was everything I love: Fleur de lis (notice a pattern here?!), scalloped edges, dot detailing.  Can I just have these to hang on the wall somewhere?!  Not bad at $3.99 each.

How fun is this lamp from the children's section?!  They also had a pink and white version.  A glass lamp base with pom poms in it?  Too cute!  And, totally a DIY project :)

I really liked the crisp black and white on this bucket, and it made me wonder if I should add the wreath detail around my bulletin board bee.  What do you think?

Thanks HomeGoods!

Anyway, I hope you had fun shopping with me.  I'm super bummed I didn't take a photo of the antique buffet I was eyeing at the Salvation army yesterday.  It was in awesome condition, with original beautiful hardware.  The catch?  Even when this store is extremely well priced normally, this piece was $399!  Even on a 50% off day, that's still $200.  I may see if they've marked it down by next weekend, if it's still there.  I could totally see someone snatching it up, even at $200, or $399!  (Just not me... my buffet cost me $20!)

Hope you all are having (or had!) a great weekend!  I'm finally mostly better (except my remaining pesky cough!) so it's back to the grind for me.

Take care, and stay dry/warm/[cool?] depending on where you are in the world!
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