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Thursday, February 25, 2010

VOTW #9 & The recaps 6, 7, & 8

Here we go with the 9th edition of VOTW: Victory of the Week!

We do this every week here at Design-Aholic, and the goal is always the same: These links allow us to remember the small (or large!) Victories that we all have each week.  It's good for morale, stress, and our attitude to remember that sometimes, it's the small things in life that matter.  So, whether you're proud of a recipe, a project, your kids, or whatever, link up and let the world (well, at least the blog world!) know.


So, my victory this week?  As I mentioned in my posts this week, I've been tired beyond belief.  I'm just excited to recap the last 3 weeks of VOTW.  Here we go!

Week 6, there were 9 Links:

Missy @ The Little Green Bean made an awesome Memory Necklace:


Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden had a grand old time with her power tools after trimming out her new bathroom!

Rocio @ Casa Haus made a real life topiary, growing and all!


Week 7 brought 23 links- 23!!
Leanne @ Organize & Decorate Everything showed us how to spell it out in frames:


Golf Gal @ Tales of a Golf Gal shows us how to Make (yes Make!) baby crib bedding.  Um, bookmark?  Yes!

Bird @ Bird Crafts showed us how she transformed those thrift store finds into amazing pieces:


Chelsea @ This Fresh Fossil repainted her WHOLE living room!


Erin posted about taming her long necklaces on this great project:


Week 8 also brought 23 link-ups!

Over @ A Crafty Amateur, we learn how to really replace a seat in a chair.  I could have used this about 5 months ago!

By far, my favorite was over at Simply Stafford, where we were shown how to SPRAY PAINT (yes, SPRAY PAINT!) our kitchen cabinets.  Check, and check.  :) Can you believe that spray paint was used here?!  I can't, but I'm elated!

This yummy oreo ice cream delight was shared from over @ Kuzak's Closet from her birthday!  (Yay Feb birthdays!)

Karli @ The World Spins Madly On did this fabulous full on chair re-vamp:


And I have to show this one by Stephanie @ My Frugal Lifestyle where she uses cereal boxes as magazine holders, because I'm seriously dealing with the magazine explosion in my place right now.  Come on Z, eat up that Life Cereal quicker!


So, now, come on, with all that inspiration YOU were bound to have something you're proud of.  It doesn't have to be just from last week, so as I stated earlier what this party's goal is, link up folks!

(oh, and grab a button if you don't have one already- code is on the right side at the top of the page!)

Have a great weekend all :)
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