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Thursday, February 11, 2010

VOTW #7 + Popcorn Scraping

Hey Everyone!  Happy Friday- actually, Happy LONG WEEKEND.  Woohoo!  I have a 5-day weekend, and yes, I'm gloating.  :)

I've got so many things planned over the next 5 days.  I think I need to get some sleep, after just thinking about it!

So back to the post, now that I've made you jealous...

My small victory for the week is the decision we made to hire out the ceiling finishing- scraping popcorn, repair, and texturing.  We'll do the priming and painting ('cause really, $1000 just to paint the ceilings when the whole thing only cost $1650?  um, no thanks.)



Remember when I told you about how we tried the scraping of the ceilings a few months back?  Or showed you how that ugly stuff looked next to all the pretty wall colors we have in the house?  Well, it turns out that our vaulted front room ceiling was so daunting, we decided against finishing the project ourselves.  We actually did over half the house ourselves, but the last room just was so messy, I wasn't overly excited to do it again.  Had all the ceilings in the house been standard height, it could be done.  It's not difficult.  It's just... messy.  Even with taping up super well, the last round was super messy.



Anyway.  I'm super excited that a team is coming in Monday and 8 hours later, it'll be 90% done!  (we'll just need to paint soon)

What's your thought?  To Scrape, or not to Scrape?  To texture yourself, or not?  Painting a ceiling?  (I hope we're not crazy...)

So yep, a victory of mine is deciding to shell out the money to just.finish.this.project!

And, what was YOUR victory?  Link up folks :)

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Thanks again for stopping by, and don't worry, I have NOT forgotten about our 200th follower giveway.  :)  Stay tuned!
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