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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cigar box turned craft storage Box Failure

They can't all go right, I guess.  I had the grand idea to take a thrift store wooden cigar box, and cover it with some of my scrapbook paper, to create a storage box for my glitters.  I tried my hand at really mod podging something, and as it turns out, this one didn't end up like I wanted.

I couldn't get it right!  I wanted to simply cover the large areas of the box with full sheets of paper.  They kept bubbling off, or bending at the edges.  So, I went the route of smaller strips, and squares for a mosaic look.

Fail :(


While not what I wanted, it turned out ok.  So, until next time, this lil box holds my glitter collection.




I didn't cover the bottom- that still holds the original wood markings and the holographic sticker.  :)

So, if you've done a project with a cigar box, can you let me know?  I'd love to see how people recover these things!  I feel silly that I couldn't make it work.  boo!
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