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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take a $5 IKEA vase, and... Wrap it!

This was a quick and easy texture-rich project I tried one rainy afternoon.  We've had a lot of those.  Rainy afternoons that is.  So, I've been forced enjoying trying crafts I couldn't quite take the leap into before.

After seeing some very similar posts [here, here and here],  that little blond light bulb went off, and I found my before version in the garage.  I bought this ceramic vase, if you can call it a vase, at IKEA for $5 (maybe $4?)  Either way, flower stems barely fit in it, and the color was too blah.  So it sat.  And sat.  and collected dirt, dust and grim, in the garage.  But it was reborn recently, and I'm loving it!

This is 3-ply jute twine from Michaels.  40% off coupon, but it was only $5 to begin with.  I didn't use the whole roll either.

Really, grab your glue gun, vase, and some 3 ply jute and wrap as much or as little as you want.  That's it.

I basically glued a dot every 3rd or 4th row.  The initial row I glued around the entire circumference.  And, the bottleneck was tricky, and did take more glue too.  But all in all, a very quick and painless process.




And, since I had one key leftover from the framed key art project, I thought I'd try a form of display by hanging it on the neck of the bottle.




Did you notice this vase in the office?  :)  Make sure to check that post of for a list of upcoming posts.

So, there you have it.  Check another one off the list!  That's another project from my new office/craft room!  Don't you just love that texture?  Yum!  And, did you realize this is the same jute I used for my Valentine's Banner?  Check that out here

Toodaloo folks, until next time...
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