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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bathroom Before and After: PART 2

This is part two of two in my recent bathroom "series".  (Did you check out the master bath in Part 1?)

This space, I'm less embarrassed about showing you the before... Don't get me wrong, the space was bad to begin with.  Very, Hospital sterile, should we say?

Anyway, this post is about the details of revamping our second bathroom, another project that I completed Pre-Blog, back last January.

First, the After:

And now, the Before:

Can you even tell where the counters, cabinet, toilet or tub start or stop?  They're all one color!  sooo not cool.

I did this one afternoon, after looking through my tear sheets on designs I liked.  I realized, I had no contrast in there.  Plus, I loved my polka dot towels, and happened to find brown ones on clearance at HomeGoods.  And, the start it all off was the shower curtain as my inspiration that I found at Target.  :)

First, I painted the vanity, and we used the brushed nickel hardware from the master bath, and added back to this room (they're not pictured, because I was too ancy to photograph this room and post on HGTV's Rate My Space... and Z hadn't finished that part yet.  :)  That patience issue?  yea, that's soooo 2009...)

Then, the rest was accessories! 

The shower curtain is still available at Target- it was $24.99, I got the soap dispenser on clearance for $5, and the towels were a mix from HomeGoods and Target for around $15 total.  I had the candle holders, candles, DREAM sign, reed difuser, and bath mat (not pictured).  I did also have to pay for the two dark baskets... they were steep at $9 each (for baskets!) but they were perfect color and size.  Now I know I could have spray painted other options.  Oh well.  :)


(that red leaf artwork is my own)


I just like it so much better!  My next project in here is replacing the counter top, which I purchased when the local YardBirds/HomeDepot closed.  A 36" granite counter with undermount sink for $120.  It's still sitting in the box 8 months later though.  sigh.

Anyway- not a big project per say, and it'll do until we really change it up.  We got lucky that there was neutral paint and flooring. 
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