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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Milk Jug Musings

If you've been reading over the last few days (thank you to ALL MY FOLLOWERS!), you'll recall a lamp I posted about.  I believe, now, that the shape is that of an antique milk jug or a tea canister.  The difference is mine is ceramic, not tin/metal, and has a stoneware and floral pattern on it (plus a hideous pleated shade, that was so gross I couldn't even bring it in the garage, and just want to toss it...)

But, I paid $10 for it, it works, and it has potential.

While I still haven't found the exact project again that I had found prior, I have gotten some inspiration online over the last few days with lamp bases that look like mine, and what I could do to re-vamp the lamp.  (again, a note to self: bookmark your favorite project links!)

Let's get real.  Mine currently looks like this




But, there's hope!
Here's what I initially thought I would do:

Pottery Barn, $189, doesn't seem to be available online anymore.  Anyone know the name of this one?

But I found all these inspirations and got confused:

I just love this blue distressed vintage and lettering... plus, aren't those birds charming?  :)

I LOVE the shade on this one.  I think I have some fabric I could use to cover a drum shade when I find one.
(the above 2 from Shades of Light, but I can't seem to find their prices...)

I like the painted versions, and stenciled ones too!

So, this is where you come in!  Give me a heads up- what works, what doesn't?  Any of you painted a lamp before?  Share your projects!  Give me some advice!  I think this will go in our new office...

(via DecorPad I could do without the oval in the middle of the pattern)

Not quite a milk jug, but hey, it's my blog and it caught my eye :)

Here's a real milk jug project, again, from the girls over at Shanty 2 Chic!  :)

From Shades of Light, this one is $345!  I actually don't like this one, but it's the right shape, and it was still available online, for a price reference!

 (again, I don't like this one, but the shape is right, and it's good to look at different options)

Here's another REAL antique Milk Jug!  Rust and All! (from the Chattanooga Auction House)

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So, what'll it be?!

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