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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet little Birdie Friend

I've been looking for a little birdie friend to add to my collection (of decor, not of birds) for a while now.  This weekend, I found said birdie friend.  Birdie friend needed a "birdie bath".  Enter, spray paint.

Here we have birdie friend, with a splash of primer!  She just couldn't wait for the makeover, and we missed full on before photos:

Yes, that's a burgundy glazed ceramic, and cream color wings

After the bird bath, she was looking much better in all white [primer]:


...all spit shined up, and feeling tranquil in grey...

Now, where to live?

Enter, milk glass compote, a weekend thrift store find (for $0.75) and a bag of spanish moss ( for $1.00 at the dollar store), and some crumpled newspaper for support:

Add the newspaper to the bottom of your display so you don't need as much moss

Fill over newspaper with spanish moss, and place said birdie into her nest.  She loves that "Live Laugh Love" sign, because it was just as thrifty as her, at a whopping $1.70 to make.  She suggests you check it out here.

Hmmm, I'm wondering if she'd lay golden eggs.  Just in case she wouldn't, this whole project only cost $2.75.  Birdie was $1 at thrift shop, compote was $0.75 at thrift shop (50% off day), and moss was $1, and I didn't even use the whole bag.

Very country, yes, but modern with the colors, at the same time.  I love her, but she needs a name.  Why is the name Penelope jumping into my head?  What's your suggestion?!

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