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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bathroom Before and After: PART 1

Here's the deal.  We purchased a house last June, and had some spaces that while structurally sound, were not pleasing to the eye.  I give you, our Master Bath update from last January.  When I didn't have a blog to share these changes with.  I guess the good thing (?) is that I like it so much that it's basically remained the same for the last year.

So, here's the quick tour: Before, and After.  Oh, and this fun is only PART 1!  Our hall bath needed it's own work done, and that my friends will be up and coming on PART 2.

First off, the after, cause that's always so much more fun:

But, before (I'm almost too embarrassed to show you, but alas, I'll take my chances

First off, yes, that vanity is 70's builder grade, and yes, it is purple.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.

Somehow, they managed to stage it well during the open houses.  I mean, we were keenly aware it was purple, but it didn't really sink in until we had to live with it for a few months.  Did I add the mirror was purple too?  yea, that got painted probably week one after moving in. 

Anyway, we started with this purple vanity:

Limited counter space, one odd shelf above the toilet, and that was about it.

I went to work, but the one thing that really transformed this bathroom in a hot minute?  Paint.  Yes, semi gloss, Behr paint in "clear moon" from Home Depot.  I'm pretty sure we purchased that the week we moved in.

I primed the cabinet, and then applied two generous coats of paint.  SOOO much better.

For little touches, I did the following:

- Add two chrome Hotel Shelves above the toilet (used gift card, but were $16/ea I think at Bed Bath & Beyond)
- Change hardware on vanity to Chrome ($6 for two knobs)
- Install a new Medicine cabinet (that I also painted in Clear Moon)
- Add three chrome hooks for handtowels (used gift card, but I think these were $3.99/ea at Bed Bath & Beyond)
- Painted the shelf system (this was a "sure, you can have it" piece of furniture from with Z's brother moved)

And for the decorator touches:

- Shower curtain to cover the doors (already had)
- New bath mats ($11 and $9)
- New canisters for the counter (total of $20)
- Purchased coordinating baskets for aforementioned shelf ($28 for 4 of them)
- Add piece of artwork ($10 on Clearance)
- Add tall PB vase and coordinating orchids (already had the vase and the orchids)

Here's the progress:


And the medicine cabinet, before and after:



I purchased her on clearance a HomeGoods for $20.  Yes, $20.  She was scratched, but boy was she the PERFECT piece.  I had been looking for this exact cabinet.  No mirror.  Extra wide doors and storage, and cubbies for baskets (now if I could only find tiny baskets to fit in there.  sheesh.)

Anyway, here's how the whole thing came together after the overhaul.  Just try to replace the small white mirror medicine cabinet in your mind for the one shown directly above...  (there were too many mirrors in this tiny, two door, awkward shape bathroom!  One simply had to go.)






I love it so much better.  Of course, a real overhaul is needed, but won't happen for a bit still.  We were lucky to have this room already have good flooring, and neutral light grey walls.

So, you like what you see here?  I've got PART 2 coming up soon- from hospital bland, to contrasty grand.  Our hall bath needed an overhaul too, and I was the one to tackle this one too!  Stop back soon for Part 2.  And don't forget to check out my recent "my spaces" post to see a sneak peak at the bathroom, and some of the other spaces we call home. 

So, where are your before and afters?  Did you do a project that took minimal work to go from bland to grand?  Show me 'em!

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