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Thursday, January 14, 2010

21 Things Your Home Needs

I got my most recent copy of the Ballard Designs cataglog.  Yay!

So they have this great feature in the first of the year edition:

In conjunction with the magazine, Traditional Home (which I also love) is the list of "21 Things your Home Needs"  I reviewed these in detail in the catalog, and hopped online as well,  I think this is post worthy, and even check-list worthy throughout the year!

Here's the list, direct from Ballard Designs' site:

So, after taking stock of my projects list, and checkin' in twice, I've found that I satisfy the following 4 on the list.  yes, only 4:

5.  a cushy chair, (louis XVI chair redo)

8.  a versatile bookshelf (I don't have a photo online yet apparently, so we'll add that as a goal)

12. a hang-out bed, (afternoon headboard)

21. a well-adjusted dining table (see, my spaces post for our dining table!, or my tablescape display, or the no-sew table runner project)

BUT, upcoming projects (with materials already purchased, yay!) should take care of a few more:

3.  a lamp to read by (to be posted in the next few days...)

4.  knock your socks off art  (I have purchased a 30x40 gallery canvas to create a custom piece for our house in the next month or so I hope)

15.  a place to put your feet up  (our table will be an ottoman soon!)

17. a pillow wardrobe  (I read the instructions for the sewing machine the other night.  Plus- I already have the fabric, so I HAVE to learn now.  Waste of money otherwise, right?!)

19. patterns that make a statement  (our above mentioned ottoman will be zebra print, woohoo!)

20. a touch of modern  (we have purchased dark hardwood floors that I hope to have installed by March 1st.)

So, now, that only leaves 11 items on this list that I haven't even considered:

1.  a place for your drink (I want a small pedestal table!)

2.  a nomad console (I was thinking of replacing the mdf wine bar/storage piece we have)

6.  party friendly portables (I always have to borrow chairs from my mom, or even extra tables...)

7.  grown up dinners  (we need to cook more!  And I need to share more recipes with you)

9. natural fibers (once the dark floors are in, I see us getting some rugs to satisfy this.  We do have a wool rug now, that perhaps would satisfy this... hmm.)

10.  a welcome entry table (we have an IKEA option now.  I could re-vamp this I think.)

11.  a pretty place for laundry  (bought paint!  Our "laundry room" is in the garage, but the boys have been commissioned to build me a folding table and storage for this area.  Plus, the cheery paint over the beige garage will help.)

13. a mirror mirror  (I dig this IKEA mirror!  Really!)

14.  a french connection  (I took French lessons for 8 years, and still understand it.  I love the language!  I see some art to satisfy this requirement.  Maybe some pillows!)

16.  a truly comfortable sofa  (our current furniture all had previous lives.  After floors are in, it's new couch city for us!)

18. eye catching accessories  (I'll be continually shopping the thrift stores over the year to take care of this :) )

So, I'm challenging myself to knock some of these out to make a comfy home here over the next year!

What do you think of their list?  How many could you knock off as "done"?  :)

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