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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Real life skunks are NOTHING like Pepe LePew.  This, I had re-confirmed for me early in the morning on Saturday (6:30 am!) when our puppy ran after one...

Lets just say, she ran back to us as quickly as she had run to chase the skunk... Only difference was she STUNK!  Yes, Lexi was skunked.  Oh the joys.  sigh.

So, in a delerious state, Z yelled to me that she had been sprayed, and I instantly was wide awake, and had the computer up and running to find the potion to bathe her in.  Of course, tomato juice was the first thing to pop in our head, but, oh no.  We found a recipe, and if you have a dog, you should print this out, and keep it in a little "kit" so you can grab and go (and quickly!) if your dog gets it.

(*Disclaimer:  we did NOT come up with this formula.  We found it listed all over the web, so rest assured, it appears to be safe.  Plus I think Lexi kind of liked it, ha.  That makes one of us)

1 quart hydrogen peroxide (32 fl oz makes a quart)
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tbsp liquid dish soap (like Dawn, palmolive, etc...)

The above mixture is for the body.  Don't put this on their faces!

If your dog gets skunked in the face (notice red eyes, etc) we found online that douche is reccomended.  Yes, odd.  I'd reccomend the basic un-scented- the one I picked up said it was just distilled water and vinegar.

Luckily, all this stuff is relatively inexpensive.  The kit would cost around $5, and is worth having on hand, I now know.  :)

Skunk spray is oily, so the dish soap in the mixture really helps.  Wash the spot, or area repeatedly with your mixture, and then bathe with regular dog shampoo.



After the baths, and back to normal...


And her new collar.  It was a big day for her, and she was a sleepy girl early in the evening.

So, we are probably going to have to throw away a few sets of clothes, and had to get Lexi a new collar.  But hey- Z broke down and bought her a pink one.  She's pretty with her new collar!  awww...

I don't wish this one anyone!  Eesh.

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