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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flocked Winter Wreath

I'm giddy today!  I finished our winter wreath!

I got this idea while searching through Chris' awesome site, JustAGirl, when I found it a few months back.  I bookmarked it and finally got to execute once the Christmas Decor got put away a week ago.

Aren't you glad I teased you last night?   The other projects coming are just as good too!

I made this project with a few things I found on CLEARANCE (duh):

- 18" pine wreath from Michael's ($2)
- Can of white spray primer paint (had this on hand) (would have cost ~$2)
- Can of Santa Snow from Michael's ($1.79)
- Box of small 1" white glass ornaments from Joann's ($2)
- Ribbon (whole roll was $2.50)
- Beading wire, scissors, hot glue gun! (had these on hand... but we're talking no more than $10 for them all)



First, after looking at Chris' version for a few minutes, I decided what I wanted on mine.  I grabbed some pine cones from the stash in the garage (since, you know, who doesn't have pine cones laying around...) from the trip to Tahoe we took in November.  I also recalled the box of white ornaments I picked up specifically hoping to use for a winter wreath- of course on clearance!

Here's how she started...

And THEN...

...Then came the super easy steps:

1.  Spray to desired coverage with your white spray primer (I guess you could use regular spray paint, but I was closer to the primer :)  )

2.  Wait for that to dry for about 10-15 min.  (I did this, can you believe it!  See my first VOTW post for reference to my patience...)

3.  Read the vague instructions on the can of snow, and spray onto your wreath to desired thickness.  The can says thick spots won't dry properly.  I'm not sure what a "thick" spot is since it was pretty vague, but mine did dry overnight.


4.  Be Patient, and let it dry.  In my case, this meant tucked away in a warm bathroom overnight.  This way, no dogs noses ended up snowy, and the heater vent could blow right near it to dry it faster.

5.  Assemble your accouterments (decor pieces... I'm pretending I'm French again)...  I chose the white glass ornaments and opted for the smaller pine cones.  I sprayed the pine cones with the same white primer from step 1, and the went to work making the ornament clusters.  I just strung a few on some beading wire I had, and hot glued them together so they stayed in the shape I wanted.  I left about an 8" tail on them so I could wrap them through the wreath and secure.

*Remember to eat... if you're anything like me, and going project crazy right now, take advice from the boyfriend/fiance/husband, and remember to eat so you don't pass out and ruin your projects :)  Yes, I forgot to eat.  He prepared me dinner though, cause I was "in the zone" as he calls it.



6.  In the morning, attach said accoutrements via method required- wrap wired clusters to the wreath base, and hot glue those small pinecones in place.


7.  Try to wiggle those decor pieces, and if they're secure, go ahead and lift upright and attach your ribbon!  I got this great ribbon from Martha Steward at Kmart on clearance.  :)

8.  Hang, and again pat yourself on the back!  What a gorgeous wreath, if I do say so myself, and it's certainly helping me through the winter!  We don't get much snow where I'm from in CA, so at least this is a little reminder that it is snowing right now, somewhere!

Wow, as I look at it now, it does bear a striking resemblance to Chris' final project.  I guess I liked hers more than I thought!  :)

Don't you just love it?!  Where have I been this whole time... Do people really decorate for the winter?  Totally makes sense!  I can't really start to put valentines day and spring decor out yet, only a week after Christmas, right?!

Have you decorated for the winter at your place?  Do share!

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