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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

VOTW Recap + slowwww load times

Wow, you guys (gals) WOW!  Another great showing of all those small (or large!) victories!  I love it.  You all inspire me to keep up my projects.  Isn't it amazing how everyone's take on a project is so different?  Keeps the juices flowing.

So, here we go with the recap from Friday's VOTW #3 Party: 
(by the way, I hope to have an "I was featured" button soon.  Let's cross our fingers for next week... AND, did you notice I now have the code available to both my blog button and the VOTW button?  Grab and go, and add to your blog easier now!)

Rocio, over at Casa Haus, Planted Aloe Vera.  Yes!  Healing powers abound!  Even if it's just pretty to look at.  Is it bad I want to plant summer flowers now? :)

I just love these sweet mini mailboxes for Valentine's Day that Brandy linked up from Home Sweet Home:

I want to go to one of Kasey's parties!  Look at that yummy food!  She's planning to host 10 parties in 2010.  mmm, party food...


Jamielyn over at Chocolate Sundaes turned one of those oh-so-common random thrift store finds into an adorable Ribbon Holder.  I'll take two!

And wouldn't you know it, Abbey was back at it with the kitchen organizing.  She's like my kitchen organizing hero.  Look at how flippin organized this is!  I could actually cook in there.  Lets not get too carried away.

And, finally, chipboard + scrapbook paper: it's like a moth to a flame.  They just go together!  This adorable top 10 reasons I love you book that Steph made is perfect.

 thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU Friends!  You made my week!

AND, just one short day left to enter the 100th post giveaway here at Design-Aholic.  Make sure you check out the POST HERE to leave a comment and enter.  :)

 You could win the banner above, just in time for Valentine's Day!

On a side note...

Is anyone else experiencing super slow load times tonight?  Blogger is taking a log time to read some of the google code it grabs to load my page.  Hopefully you weren't turned away.  I'm not sure what the problem is!  Please don't take this as normal site issues!  :)

*UPDATE* My Wists code, a third party wish list if you will, was the problem causing slow load times.  Things are now loading at Lightening speed again, after the removal of the wist code!  I hope the problem is only temporary though, because I really like the wist feature.  oh well, for now. 
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