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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Note to Self: Bookmark your project links!

Here's a note-to-self (and a strong suggestion to you...)


I haven't been able to locate a link I know I viewed.  See, I did a double take at the thrift store today, and picked up this floral ceramic lamp base.  It looks like a jug, but simply cannot stay that way.  It's got potential! 

I'm looking for a project where someone took a lamp base similar to mine, and turned it into this Pottery Barn Version:

(which I also can't seem to find the exact name, or sku for anymore.  ugh!  I do know it's $189 though, yowsers!)

Anyway, if any of my bloggy friends out there have seen any projects rencently, similar to what I'm refering to, please, please PUH-lease let me know!

Resolution #4:  Bookmark your project links

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