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Thursday, January 14, 2010

VOTW #3: Victory Of The Week

Welcome back!  As our Friday Feature here at Design-Aholic, we participate in a loving party called the VOTW: "Victory of the Week".

The goal is the same each week- but basically we're trying to inspire each other, and be proud of the little things (and big things!) we accomplish- projects, family, or even self realizations...  :)

We had a great party last week, and I hope more of you can share again this week.  PLUS- the SUPER BONUS this time?  If you've been reading, you'll recall I'm stoked that I'm just about at post #100... actually, this is the lead up to that post, where I'll be doing a giveaway, just in time for Valentines day, so be sure to stop by in the next 24-48 hours for that post to be up :)

So, here goes- for the third week of the year, 2010, my VOTW is cleaning and organizing for sanity.  Yes, CLEANING!  Abbey inspired me so much with her fridge clean out plus I've seen her organizing other areas, that I got off my almost-healed-sickly-butt and took action!  We're talking Vaccuuming, Kitchen, dishes, laundry, bathrooms!  The works!  And that was just Thursday!  In addition, I went through this crazy pile of receipts:

(yes, that's a year and a half worth of receipts since we moved in the house, and is about 8" tall)

and, organized this crazy stack of papers to file in the new office:

(yes, that stack is about 12" high)

Organization feels so good.  I'm thinking this is just as good as spring cleaning!  (oh, who am I kidding, I'm looking forward to April's Spring Cleaning too.  :)  Good thrift store shopping is coming around that time too!!!  Yay!)

And as promised, here are the first photos of the new office furniture, which we DID NOT have to assemble, woohoo!  This is my new room to decorate!  (sorry for the dark photos, I couldn't wait to share it with you)

It came a long way, baby (isn't that song in your head now?) from just a few short days ago, and the dumping ground that it was:


So, what are you proud of this week?  What did you complete, start, work on, etc, etc?  Link up and remember, sometimes it's the little things!  Grab a button, link to your specific post, and lets have some fun!  MckLinky will be up through Sunday night.

Enjoy everyone, and remember to swing by for our FIRST GIVEAWAY on POST #100!  :)

Have a great weekend-

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