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Monday, January 4, 2010

Valentine Heart String Banner

I'm totally  For once!

Did my teaser work?  Are you here to see the awesome project I taunted you with?  :)

Even though Valentines day is a whole month and a half away, and my birthday falls before the holiday (*ahem, February 5th, if you're sending presents*), you have to get prepped before the actual day right?

RIGHT?  So, here's what I made:

This project came to me yesterday during my trips to Michael's and Joann's.  All because of an impulse buy at the cash register.  I'm so glad to have and give into impulses every once in a while!

It's the crafting TRIFECTA:  Jute Twine.  Check.  Scrapbook paper and chipboard shapes.  Check.  Mod Podge.  check.  Why, this, this is the crafter's dream!

This was totally simple.  I followed the instructions I have read just about everywhere online for mod podging wooden picture frames.  In fact, I followed these instructions on the project posted at Just Something YOU made (closed now, but you can still see Cathe's main blog here)  for making valentines frames.

I had purchased some scrapbook paper yesterday, to update my collection, which sadly was over 10 years old.  (I hadn't been into crafts much in the last 10 years, so my material collections need updating...)  I picked out 8 different patterns from the two packs, and cut a small square the size that would cover the hearts.

Oh, the hearts!  I purchased two 4-packs, that were $0.90 each (had a 10% off coupon.  So, that's 8 hearts for $1.80) of chipboard hearts.  They had patterns on the front, but it didn't matter since I was covering them with paper.  I spread a thin layer of shimmer mod podge on the wooden hearts, and placed the papers on top.  I used a credit card to smooth out the surface to it'd be completely flat.

(can you see the shimmer mod podge?  It's really thin, and I was having a hard time photographing it!)

I let them dry for about an hour (I was patient!  BUT, I also grabbed another project to do while these dried...  :)  )  Then grabbed a medium grit sanding block that now will be housed with my craft box, and sanded the paper down.  This had sounded weird to me when I first read about it, but really, it's easy, and works like a charm to make super smooth, and finished looking edges.


Once all eight were done, I grabbed the distress ink pad, and bit my nails.  I've never used this before!  It worked like a charm though!  Because the pad is raised, you can rub it right in the area you need.  I rubbed on, then wiped off with a tissue.   The neat thing is it's a light color- almost like a tea stain.  They have many colors though, and I may go back for more later.  :) 



I didn't bother to mod podge over the top, since I only had the shimmer kind.  Although, now I'm thinking it may be a neat juxtaposition with the vintage looking distress ink, and a shimmer coat.  Hmm... the gears are turning.

Then, I cut a piece of the thick jute twine I purchased at Michael's in a length about 82" in length.  I had planned to hang this banner in the kitchen above the sink window, and also wanted to leave some overhang on the end for bows.  Aww.  How Sweet.

I added a line of hot glue to the back of the heart and pushed onto the twine.  This wasn't hard- it's like hot glue and twine have a love affair.  They stick together.  Really.  Together.  I glued each heart about 3" apart.  I didn't actually measure, just eyeballed it.


I love this banner!  So subtle.  I love the modern prints, but kind of looks country too.  I love the distressing.  I guess it's good karma to LOVE a LOVE banner!

(oh, and a sneak peak in this photo to another project I have yet to post.  Gosh, you're just in for a real treat!  Try not to peak too much though.)

So, take that!  First valentines project is done, and it's a success!  Now, I want to see yours!

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