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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DIY Dry Erase Message Center and Calendar

Another project for the office is this Dry Erase Message Center Board I whipped up this weekend.  (yes, it was another teaser!)

The idea is simple, and the project is too.  We love simple, and classy at the same time :)

First start with a frame you'd like to use.  For me, we've had a 24x36 frame for about 2 years that we purchased for some posters but never used.  Perfect!  Good size for a calendar, and a few boxes memo sections.

I laid out the pattern I wanted with blue painters tape so I could modify. 



Next I turned the tape side down, and took the 36" level and a sharpie and drew the lines out following my tape lines (but precisely measured this time). 



The sharpie pen I was using wasn't strong enough to have that be the only line, so I got out a fine tipped acrylic paint pen.  Using the paint pen, I traced the lines... my hand was shaky!  The lines aren't perfectly straight, but I guess it makes it look softer.



I chose a bluish green silk that I purchased a few months back for $4 a yard.  I used spray adhesive and attached and smoothed the fabric out over the included cardboard from the frame.

After the acrylic paint dried (I wish I had a vinyl cutter!) I put the fabric backed cardboard back in the frame and closed her up!  Yep, that's it!


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