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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love Hate Relationship with Bees

Ironically enough, I hate bees.  Well, I love them AND hate them.  The physical, in person, buzzing kind, I despise, and am actually very frightened of.  So much that I couldn't even bare to look at a real bee photo. 

However, I love decor with them.  I guess they seem regal or something?  Slightly whimsical, but still for adults and kids alike?

In light of the new office going in I'm thinking I can use the following inspirations somewhere in there. 

How about a bulletin board with burlap and a stencil?  A pillow, or two?  A, LAMP???  Framed art?

 Restoration Hardware Bee Pillows

 Bee glasses from Ballard Designs

 Love the colors in these, From Vintage Style

Restoration Hardware Bee Detail

Via Apartment Therapy

I can use these as art inspiration...

 Well, it's off to be more crafty I guess!  Reveal of the office coming soon :)

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