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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sneak Peak at my Office Roman Shades

Since I've been lucky enough to have a "new room" to decorate- the office- I've been having a blast pulling together projects from tutorials I've read online.  In addition, I'm trying to branch out and do things as tests, just to see how I would like them.

So, as I've mentioned at least once before, the Home Fabrics store by my house is closing.  They're in the early stages of putting their fabrics on sale, so there's a great selection, but still at 50% off prices!

I picked up two yards of this awesome fabric, just because I loved the colors and pattern (two good things, I guess!) and then it hit me- I could totally use this in the new office!  It was only $13 for 2 yards.

I decided to make the no-sew roman shades I found here and here.  I had to make a few modifications since the fabric was heavy upholstery weight, and I was working with super cheap mini blinds that were in the house from the previous owner.  I made it work though, and here's what it looks like now:

Bad picture I know... what kind of blogger worth their salt puts a photo like THAT up?!  One that just wants to tease you and let you know that things are progressing quite well in the office (there's tons of projects finished just waiting to be hung, that are just off camera view :)  )

Here's the window before, at night, when I was working on these:

 See, the mini blinds are already down in this photo (and on the floor).  I was anxious to try this project

Anyway, more to come soon.  Stay tuned!

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