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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hearty-heart-heart Framed Art

Wow, I'm punchy today!  Also crafty...  With the rain continuing to come down in Northern CA, I'm stuck indoors to fend for myself.  Ok, it's not that dramatic.  I'm just here by myself with two lounging dogs and got the craft itch.

After I took down my chipboard glitter art from Christmastime, the two white frames have been empty.  And, they're not as cool as the displays of empty picture frames I once posted about.  So I quickly remedied the situation, with these:

First, I figured I would do something with the scrap foam I seem to have coming out of my ears.  (I've used that here, and here)  I traced two hearts onto the red, and yes, cut them out.  :)


I figured scrapbook paper would be fun for this project, but quickly remember the brown burlappy type fabric I bought at the Home Fabrics closing sale last weekend.  I switched gears to a more organic art piece.  I cut two cardboard rectangles to the size that would fit in these "slip-in" frames, and spray adhesive-d the fabric to the cardboard.  Then, I just cut the excess fabric with scissors.





With extra scrap cardboard, I cut out a square, and liked the look on top of the brown fabric, so I went with it!  I hotglued the cardboard to the fabric, then the foam to the cardboard.  (Sounds like a rendition of the old lady who swallowed a fly...  :)  )

I wasn't patient, and didn't wait long for the hot glue to dry, and slipped them in the frames.  Totally easy, and had I had the direction from the beginning, would have only taken about 5 min or less to put together.  As it was, it was only a 15 min project with my indecisiveness.




So, there you have it another (yes, I posted a Valentines project back in the first week of January!) easy-shmeasy Valentines project.  This wall they're featured on is at the end of the hallway and will be going a dark brown soon, to contrast off the hallway that's all one color.  I feel some painting coming on in my future.

What do you think?  Like it?  Cheesy?  How are you decorating for Valentine's Day... or are you not?  I just like little touches here and there, but have seen some great displays out there too of FULL ON Christmas-size Valentine Decor.

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