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Thursday, January 28, 2010

VOTW #5: Relaxing ahead

WELCOME everyone, to another episode of our weekly party: VOTW: Victory Of The Week!  (...and, Welcome BACK to some of you!)

Each week, on Fridays, we take a few minutes to re-count our wins, our successes... our Victories, of the past 7 days (or longer :)  )

While I don't call them "rules" per say, the idea is that you link up to something you're proud of- something new you tried or did, something awesome you just have to share!  Whether big or small, we have small victories each week that keep us going in this life.  I just want you to share them!

So for me this week, I've had a trying work week, but a fabulous blog week.  I can't even comprehend all the great things I was able to do during one break of the crazy California rain storm we're in the middle of.

So, let's recap, even though these projects aren't all posted yet:

I painted 8 things:

2 Lamps (yes, one was my milk jug lamp!)
2 small 5x7 canvases
1 large 30x40 canvas (sneak peak here, at the end)
1 set of bookends
1 ceramic bird
1 newly revamped chalkboard

I crafted 4 things:

Red fabric heart wreath
Jute wrapped Vase w/vintage Key
Milk Glass Birds Nest
Cigar box-mod podge glitter box (not such a happy ending.  sigh.)

I organized/created 2 things:

Phase 1 of office/craft room
Facebook page for Design-Aholic

That's a total of 14 projects, and I couldn't be happier with an average of 2/day for the week.  :)


Actually, today, with all those great projects listed, I'm kicking back for my small victory:

Spending some downtime with these two cuties (and Z, who's not pictured :) )

That's Gunner, a chocolate Cocker Spaniel on the left, and Lexi, a Boxer/Labrador (puppy!) on the right.

You may have remembered a week or so back when Lexi got skunked?  Fun Times.  Or when I made modern silhouettes out of their mugs in November?

And, I'll also be taking some time to catch up on some magazines that have been calling my name:

 That's right, two new subscriptions kicked in: Veranda & Good Housekeeping (both $5/year subscriptions through Amazon deals) along with Real Simple, two decor catalogs: Ballard and Ethan Allen, along with everyone's favorite, Better Homes & Gardens.
I'm still waiting for my newest House Beautiful to come.  :)

So lovelies, I leave you with MckLinky for this week's VOTW: Victory Of The Week

Grab a smaller button, and post up on your page to remind others to be proud of their victories:

I'll do a re-cap of VOTW #4 this weekend.  I'm honestly pooped.  I'm so excited however to have had everyone link up, so I'll be featuring you guys again real soon.

And, a special note to all my followers:  I've got EVEN MORE coming!  As a special gift to me this weekend, a friend that I work with is letting me watch her two adorable kids Saturday morning, in exchange for showing me how to use my sewing machine!  WooHoo!  I'm thinking it's a pretty fair trade.  :)  Can't you just imagine how aweome the post will be when I share with you that I finally revamped the living room!
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